SFIFF56: Habi La Extranjera by María Florencia Álvarez

This first feature film by the talented María Florencia Álvarez is a breath of fresh air: perfectly-paced, funny, kind, observant and sympathetic to the ways in which we play with different identities. Ms. Álvarez has a wonderful instinct for that fine line we tread between fearful and fearless, being and playing. Most of all, she creates a rich world of women from whom Habi derives her support and questions the workings of the world. The women – her friend Yaz, her neighbor Margarita, her landlady, her mother – can be seen to represent the many sides of the woman Habi will be.

Habi, La Extranjera. Dir. María Florencia Álvarez. Lita Stantic Producciones, et al., 2013. In Spanish.

SFIFF New Directors Prize Contender.

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