Happy Pride! B. Ruby Rich to Receive Frameline 36 Award

B. Ruby Rich, one of the coolest women in film, will be honored tonight at the Frameline 36 LGBT Film awards in San Francisco. Ms. Rich, a Professor at the Film + Digital Media Department at UC Santa Cruz, has also made a name for herself as a film writer/critic, curator, journalist, juror – and all-around media and film maven. Her erudite and engaging writing style and presentation is evident in such seminal pieces including “An/Other View of New Latin American Cinema,” “Queer and Present Danger,” “The Price of Modernity” (on Anna Mae Wong),” and of course “New Queer Cinema.” Not only did she write about the role in and representations of the queer community in mainstream and independent cinema, but she also turned her keen eye toward other sidelined identities, from Asian-American actresses, women in general, and survivors of trauma and torture.

Congratulations and a big thank you to Ms. Rich!