15 Jan 2016 Film Round-up

Sundance Film Festival opens 21 January in Park City with six indigenous filmmakers premiering…the latest from the Coen Brothers, the delightfully-titled Hail Caesar! opens February (never thought we’d see Channing Tatum and Tilda Swinton in the same film)…the New York Jewish Film Festival, which opened this week at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, includes a slew of women filmmakers including Chantal Akerman, Eva Neymann, Marianne Lambert, and Natalie Portman (yes, that Natalie Portman) ….much-beloved film and theater actor (and Leonine Films favorite) Alan Rickman passed away at the age of 69…Criterion Collection’s upcoming April releases includes classics like Whit Stillman’s triology, The Manchurian Candidate, and new notables like the Kennedy films of Robert Drew and Associates…the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Society celebrates the cinematic work of David Bowie from 27-28 January…and finally, the legendary actress Setsuko Hara is given a loving tribute in January’s Cahiers du Cinema.