Museum of Modern Art: Pier Paolo Pasolini

This winter, New York’s Museum of Modern Art has teamed up with Luce Cinecittà and Fondo PPP/Cineteca di Bologna for a full retrospective of this Italian artist’s film works. Many are beautifully restored 35mm, including the beautiful/awful last film Salò or the 120 days of Sodom.

I had not seen any of Pasolini’s films until I was in college. Even more than his equally-famous contemporaries and countrymen, he was utterly political and unsparing in his depictions of societal and philosophical ills. However, even his more controversial films remain watchable, partly because of his humor and wit and largely because of his sensitive eye for beauty and tenderness which remains fresh to this day.

The retrospective – which includes films, readings, and PPP’s non-filmic art, runs in New York through 5 January 2013.