From “Luis Buñuel: A Festival of Excellent Bad Films” (1966)

The film maker is the most unfortunate of creators because he has the least opportunity to do what he likes. Poets, painters, writers can find it difficult to disseminate their work if they dare to break the limits that the society they live in has placed on truth, but even if the publishers refuse to print their work or the galleries to exhibit their picture, they have the relative privilege of creating in solitude, limited only by their own convictions and can keep their work for better times….The problem for the cinéaste is that the prejudices, the prohibitions, the social taboos are barriers that he has to contend with prematurely, before he begins to work. In these conditions one wonders how a Bergman, a Losey or a Buñuel can have emerged.

Making Waves: Essays. Written by Mario Vargas Llosa and translated by John King. Farrar, Straus & Giroux (1996).