SF International Film Festival:Parting Shots (I)

I realized, stretching my legs out between two intense screenings this week, that I’ve been to a film festival every 4-6 weeks this year. Little wonder I feel visually overwhelmed. A gentleman I met at the closing night party (who saw 18(!) films at this festival) echoed my sentiment – “can we talk about something else other than the films we saw?” Another lovely woman I met merely lamented the lack of Ryan Gosling films at the festival. I ran into some folks whom I met at Sundance, which pleased me inexplicably. Even the yellow-clad SFIFF volunteers, who are normally cheerful and helpful, seemed worn out on Thursday night, anxious for us to turn in our ballots so they could go home (or at least go to the party). We love our film festivals – there is always something new or provocative or puzzling, and the community of cineastes is wonderful to behold. But we should pace ourselves…at least until the next round of festival begins.