Now Playing: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (II)

I’ve only read one Harry Potter book (the first one) and seen one film (the one before this one). I realize this does not make me a qualified HP film reviewer. Nonetheless I enjoyed both of the last two films tremendously – I came to them not knowing 95% of what was going on. In some circles, this counts as good narrative filmmaking; I enjoyed myself despite not knowing the full story. You know which characters to root for, you know which ones are evil, and you know which ones are somewhere in between. You are told what to feel and when to feel it- the music swells at the opportune times, you weep when the goblins die, and you hope Hermione finds some other new thing in her bag of tricks. I look forward to seeing the others and reading the books – I hope to work my way through them in reverse.

In English and Parrseltongue. 130 mins.