San Francisco Film Festival: Top picks

Tickets are on sale for the festival, which starts on the 21st April!

Incendies (France), Denis Villeneuve
Drawing Restraint 17 (USA), Matthew Barney

The City Below (Germany), Christoph Hochhausler
Asleep in The Sun (Argentina), Alejandro Chomski
The Tiniest Place (Mexico), Tatiana Huezo
Nostalgia for the Light (Chile), Patricio Guzman
The Good Life (Portugal), Eva Mulvad
Autumn (India), Aamir Bashir
Position Among The Stars (Indonesia), Leonard Retel Helmrich
Children of the Princes of Cleves (France), Regis Sauder
Do You See What I See (various), Animated Shorts
La Dolce Vita (Italy), Federico Fellini